CBYC Junior Summer Sailing


The CBYC Summer Program features camps beginning in June and finishing at the end of August. We offer multiple classes to meet the needs of the participants ranging from beginner to advanced from the ages of 8-18 years. The emphasis is on teaching the basics and more advanced techniques of sailing through small classes and lots of fun.


All Sailing Instructors are Certified US Sailing Instructors, as well as CPR / First Aid Certified. Program enrollment is limited, and all registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure to sign up for the session you want early to ensure that you save a spot!


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Boats & Equipment



The Optimist is the most popular youth dinghy in the world, and has been designed to be safe, durable and competitive. The skills the Optimist fosters can be directly translated into other classes later on and is the ideal learning platform. 


For those sailors who develop a competitive interest, the US Optimist Class Association runs several events around the country on a regular basis and provides pathways to national and international competition.




The CFJ (Collegiate Flying Junior) is a tough, agile performer available with or without a spinnaker package. It is the natural progression for Optimist sailors or for those aged out of the Optimist looking to gain first time sailing experience.


It is a fantastic choice for clubs, schools, and universities looking to introduce young sailors to double-handed sailing. The CFJ a popular College Sailing boat and more collegiate sailing teams in North America sail the CFJ than any other double-handed sailboat.



The Club 420 enables young sailors to learn teamwork, trapeze and spinnaker techniques that simply can't be learned in single-handed boats. Safe for beginning sailors and quick enough to keep collegiate All-Americans interested, sailors graduating from the Optimist class will find the C420 to be manageable and a lot of fun.


The C420 is the most popular youth double-handed boat in the US and routinely sees events of 30-100+ boats across the country. 

Schedule & Pricing Summer 2023 


1 June 12 - June 16 $325
2 June 19 - June 30 $650
3 July 3 - July 14* $585
4 July 17 - July 28 $650
5 July 31 - August 4 $325
6 August 7 - August 11 $325
7 August 14 - August 18 $325

*No camp July 4th

Multiple session discount

2+ Sessions $40

3+ Sessions $75

4+ Sessions $200



Everyone can enjoy the sport of sailing. Scholarships are a great way to help everyone get out on the water. To apply for a scholarship please complete the application for the program you want to enroll in.

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